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RANT: Actual Gameplay Footage

E3 is here and has unleashed a swarm of so-so game trailers. Id's Rage was one of the more impressive demo's I've seen so far and it reminded me of one of my current annoyances in the game industry: The "Actual Gameplay Footage" disclaimer.

Rage is one of the few examples that actually used this disclaimer properly. The footage is actually 100% gameplay, with what you're seeing being controlled by a human player. You can see how the game actually works in your hands, complete with Heads Up Dislplay and button prompts.

I remember what caused this statement to show up in game commercials five or so years ago. I was watching TV in college and a commercial for Call of Duty 2 came on. It was a complete pre-rendered movie of a World War II battle that had absolutely no gameplay what so ever and was never actually in the game. It was just meant to look cool. I wasn't impressed really, but I also wasn't offended because as a gamer, I could easily spot that it wasn't genuine.

Later on I read that this same commercial caused a lawsuit for false advertising and from then on, shitty game commercials that featured only these pre-rendered cut scenes had to sport a warning that said "not actual gameplay footage". I remember seeing it branded on Far Cry Instincts and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance commercials and thought, wow this will teach them to make shitty commercials.

I realize I was wrong because when I look at the teasers for L.A. Noire, I see nothing but in game cut-scenes that I'll never be able to control. I understand that these are made using the actual game engine and I understand that these cut-scenes are more appropriate for teasing the story but I don't think it's accurate to refer to this as actual gameplay footage.

I have no problem with how a game is promoted. If they want to use 100% pre-rendered cut scenes like Deus Ex: Human Revolution or do a 100% gameplay demonstration like Rage, so be it. I'll make my opinion through my own observations, not by advertising. I just have a problem with these stupid disclaimers. They're a waste of time that give games undeserved bragging rights. Besides, omitting them will help us determine the special needs gamers who can't tell the difference between "Actual" and "Not actual" gameplay footage.

And what's the deal with airplane food?

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*That Rage demo was pretty awesome, as was the Farcry 3 demo. I remember the huge fiasco at E3 a few years back when they showed a crazy awesome video of Killzone, and claimed it to be in-game footage. It turned out it wasn't completely true, but I never played the final product to find out for myself.
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