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RANT: Fallout and I have reconciled

While in Thailand earlier this month, I was strolling through one of Bangkok's fifty thousand "shopping centers" and I noticed a copy of Fallout New Vegas + DLC for the PC on sale for $5.

If you read my review of New Vegas, you know that Fallout and I had a sort of... falling out (dodges tomatoes). But when I saw it there, all whored out for $5 on a display shelf, I felt bad and decided to give it another shot.

Now New Vegas and I are back together again, like one of those facebook couples that keeps changing their status from "Single" to "In a Relationship", minus the awkward feeling you get because you "liked" their change to "single". But I really think it's going to work out this time guys!

I installed it on my bootcamped 2 year old Imac and I was greeted with my first heart-warming prompt: "Visual Settings set to Max Ultra High Quality based on your system". Yes! I don't think I've ever been given that prompt in my entire history of PC gaming.

I can't believe the night and day difference between the PC and PS3 versions of New Vegas. The draw distances are much greater, the load times are light speed and controlling the Pip Boy and VATS with a mouse is so much more intuitive than the controller. I know I sound like an idiot console gamer right now but I didn't honestly think there would be THIS much difference between the PS3 and PC versions of Fallout, which isn't all that pretty of a game.

Now I may be rushing into this feeling of optimism because I'm starting over. The beginning was the part I liked best when I played it on PS3 and I'm now replaying those same parts but I have one BIG reason to be extra positive this time around: CONSOLE COMMANDS. The second great thing missing in console gaming is the lack of console commands. Any time I get to a boring fetch quest I already played... use the console command to spawn stupid fetch item and skip quest. Don't want to do boring quest that has awesome reward? Use console command to get reward instantly. Angry that you can only get a new perk every other level? Use a console command to get perks instantly. I love it. And I'm going to finish it this time.

Abortion Fist

P.S. - I'm not an advocate of piracy and I will argue that I am completely justified in my acquisition of this PC version of Fallout New Vegas. I payed a full $60 plus $10 for the Dead Money DLC for an inferior version of the game, while the superior PC version was $20 cheaper. DLC on Steam today are $3 each.

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Dub Jackson on :

*I never understood why Fallout only runs 720p on ps3.

New vegas will never be Fallout 3.
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