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RANT: I think I'm done with Mac.

I'm a recent Apple convert who bought his first Mac 2 years ago. Despite being ridiculously overpriced, I loved it and figured I'd probably stay Apple. But with lots of amazing Windows only games on the horizon and recent changes with apple, my first Mac might be my last.

He's batting for the wrong team.

When I bought my IMac, I bought it top of the line for around $2100 (and that's WITH a 10% discount). I work in the television industry as an editor and being accustomed to Apple's Final Cut editing software, I wanted a machine that I could work from home with. With PC gaming losing ground to consoles, I figured I wouldn't miss Windows.

Now, Apple just released the new version of Final Cut Pro, Final Cut X. I won't go into the details of it since this is a gaming blog but if you know anything about Apple, than you know they're the masters of forcing people to upgrade. Long story short, the new Final Cut is a disaster and Apple has discontinued all previous versions. All the editors I know are a little shaken and planning on migrating to competitor software (which are available on PC and MAC).

Hitler can explain it better than me.

As I've pointed out way too many times on this site, I'm spec'ing a new PC out for Battlefield 3, Rage, and Deus Ex. For the price I bought my IMAC two years ago, I can buy a PC that could send me to the moon.

It's a damn shame to me because I think Apple's OSX is far superior to Windows. Navigation is much more efficient and since there's no registry, most malware can't survive on a Mac. And if worse comes to it, you can bootcamp your Mac to run Windows, which is completely supported by Apple.

But if the new Final Cut doesn't improve I really won't need an the Apple computer anymore. The $1000 difference isn't worth it to me, especially since game developers still don't support Apple (even though I hear lots of them use Apple's to design games). I thought with Steam going cross platform and Blizzard putting Starcraft II on the Mac, there'd be a revolution in Mac gaming but that's not the case.

As long as everyone keeps buying Ipods, Iphones and IPads, Apple doesn't need to give a fuck and I don't see anything changing soon.


Abortion Fist

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Melissa on :

*Loved the Hitler video - made me LOL at work.
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Dub on :

*When you get them; send me your specs for your new pc. Will you be build it, or buy your pc whole?
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Abortion Fist on :

*I probably won't build it, I'll buy it on a site instead. I'm looking at something between the $1100-1300 range. I5 2500k, 8 gigs ram and maybe a gtx 560. That exceeds the recommended requirements for Battlefield 3. I don't think I'd get a whole lot of gratification building it myself and it when I price the parts out, I don't save a whole of money. But correct me if I'm wrong.
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