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RANT: Deus Ex Day and Hackintosh

This past weekend I finally finished the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout New Vegas (review coming soon). I was relieved to know that I no longer had any huge commitment games on my platter and I'd have some breathing room in my free time. Then I was reminded that Deus Ex comes out today. Out of the wasteland and into the future.
I assume that guy is a prostitute.

The reviews are hitting the interwebs and Deus Ex is getting nothing but positive reviews. I preordered the game and I'll be picking it up after work, ready to sink more hours of my life into an action rpg. Thankfully (and unfortunately), the reviews I'm reading hint that the game isn't nearly as time consuming as the Fallout Games. Then again, I couldn't do Tony Jaa style take downs on street walkers in Fallout either.

I'm a little concerned because I bought the game for PC and I'm not sure how it's going to look and play on my system. I'm currently rolling with a 2 year old Imac that has a 3.06 Core 2 Duo with a Radeon 4850 HD and 8 gigs of RAM, bootcamped to run Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). I know I meet the minimum system requirements but if the game looks like shit and runs at 10 fps, I won't be able to tolerate it. I have faith because my setup can currently play Crysis 2 which runs smoothly and still looks acceptable, even though it's not pristine.

I wrote a rant a little while back stating how I was done with Macs and any new computers I'd buy would be a PC. My goal was to have a new one by the time Battlefield 3 came out but I'm having second thoughts about shelling out a grand plus for one game. I still love my Imac, especially for my work, and I still prefer OSX to Windows.

While I was doing some research this weekend on how cheap I could get a PC to run Battlefield 3 on ultra high settings, I stumbled upon some articles about building a hackintosh. It's the same thing as bootcamping, only you're making a PC that runs OSX and it's not nearly as easy or supported as bootcamp. It seems doable for someone who's only partly retarded, such as myself and if you pull it off, it runs just as well as a legit Mac. This would be amazing if true because I could essentially get a $3000 Mac for half the price plus the cost of a $30 OSX disc.

Any of you NODJ's have experience with Hackintosh computers? Is it possible to install 2 operating systems and select which one to load at startup? Sorry, no jokes or funny photoshops in today's rant. Just this video of a fox being scared away by a German guy's fart. Haha, Germans and their sphincters. (I think they're German anyways.)

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