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TOP 10: Deus Ex Human Revolution Upgrades

This week's top ten isn't so much an opinionated entertainment list as it is a helpful guide for any of you crickets and tumbleweeds out there playing the new Deus Ex. I also created it in a cheap attempt to bait Googlers searching for "Deus Ex Augmentation Guide". SUCKERS! If you're going through Deus Ex Human Revolution for the first time and aren't sure which augmentations to invest those treasured Praxis Points on, I've got the hook up, holla if ya hear me. HAHA remember Master P? What an asshole that guy was.

Let me preface this list by telling you my guide to augs and upgrades is useful for pretty much any player type. And let me break the bad news to you that there is really only one player type: stealthy. There's no room for gun crazy loose cannons in this game because you die within 3-5 shots, even with armor upgrades and all enemies have pinpoint accuracy. The only real choice you have is: do you want to sneak around and avoid everyone? Or do you want to sneak around and impale everyone? Either way, my guide will help you through the game and maximize your Praxis kit acquisition.

01: Double Take-down

This is without a doubt the best Augmentation in the game and anyone who tells you otherwise has been wasting their play time and is now wasting yours. Takedowns are the most gratifying, entertaining, and effective way to get around town in the year 2027 and there are so many situations in DE:HR that start with 2 guards standing with their backs to you, chit chatting about some secret door they left unguarded. I'll bet 3 out of 4 Deus Ex players make it their goal to take down every guard in a level without being spotted. One because it's the best source of XP and two because it's funny to think that people will show up to their office job the next day only to find every single one of the 55 security guards at their building was punched in the face without anyone realizing it. If there were 10 upgrades to this aug that allowed you to takedown 10 guards simultaneously, this would be the easiest list to write because all ten entries would be this.

02: Heavy Lifting

This augmentation allows you to pick up big objects like vending machines and gun turrets. For the stealthy pacifist in you, you'll be able to find hidden vents blocked by huge objects. For the angry hulk inside you, you'll be able to throw snack machines at enemies, set up blockades at doors, and use turrets as an auto-aiming gun shield. You'll find hidden areas blocked by heavy objects very early in the game and in every single mission so get it ASAP.

03. Hacking Capture up to level 3.

There is so much shit to hack in this game and just about every single hidden path requires hacking to bypass. It's a great source for XP (and is the key to an infinite XP glitch which I don't condone) and will help you access useful information, like knowing that the staff of Tai Yong Medical facility have a strictly enforced 4 email maximum inbox. For the first 3/4 of the game, you won't encounter many level 4 or 5 hacks and the ones that are there usually have a password that can be found some other way. If you've got Praxis to spare, then go for the 4 and 5 later.

04. Punch through Wall

I didn't actually find this feature that useful during missions, mainly because most breakable walls have an enemy on the other side and there's no way to choose whether to kill or incapacitate him. You always snap his neck which instantly fails that "pacifist" achievement you wanted so badly. However, I found at least 2 Praxis kits hidden behind broken walls with no other way to get them so it pretty much pays for itself. It'll also help you find a lot of hidden ammo and EXTREMELY USEFUL pocket secretaries.

05. Battery Recharge Rate

Every time you slam a pair of prostitutes heads' together, you use up an entire battery and only one battery can recharge. This means when you're sneaking around brothels, body slamming hos one by one like a sneaky ninja rapist, you'll often find yourself waiting behind cover for your battery to recharge since candy bars aren't exactly abundant. I guarantee at least once per hour you'll sneak up on someone to take them down only to forget you just took someone else down and didn't wait long enough for a recharge, resulting in the guards being alerted. Fully upgrade that recharge rate as fast as you can. It's much more important than buying more batteries.

06. Icarus Landing

This augmentation lets you survive a drop from any height. It's a little annoying because it takes forever compared to Batman's parachute cape but extremely necessary none the less. There are plenty of rooftop scenarios in Detroit and China where you'll want to take a leap of faith to reach a hidden area so you'll want this as a fail safe. I found at least one Praxis kit that required this aug to get so once again, it pays for itself.

07. Jump Enhancement

Like the heavy lifting and the punch through walls, the high jump allows you to reach secret areas and improvise sneaking routes that the designers didn't intend for you to discover. It also cuts a lot of time out of exploring as you'll just hop fences instead of using doors or stacking dumpsters.

08. Extra Inventory Space

One of the most frustrating elements of this game is the inventory system. Unlike other games like Fallout, you can't store your extra items anywhere, you just have to drop them on the floor and come back later for them. You also don't have a persistent safe house to store that stuff so once you leave a hub city or mission for good, that stuff you dropped is gone. You'll learn to hate the buzzing red alarm the game blares in your face every time you're trying to hoard the very scarce ammo available only to find out you're one block short for those 2 measly tranquilizer darts. I'd suggest at least one capacity upgrade if not all 3.

09. Hacking Stealth

This reduces your odds of being detected during a hack and is more useful at the beginning than the end of the game, which is why it's not higher up on the list. But if you spend lots of time hacking like most players, it'll reduce a lot annoyance with lockouts. Just remember that failing a hack isn't the end of the world and you can always quicksave before the trickier ones. I'd recommend the first 2 tiers at most but if you're a paranoid hacker, get the 3rd one for peace of mind. Stealth and Capture are the only two hacking upgrades that matter.

10. Combat Rifle Target Seeker

This is the best weapon upgrade in the game as it makes gun fights a lot easier. Almost to the point of breaking the game. When you activate it, simply put an enemy in your sights and it'll create a trajectory. From there you can blind fire for instant headshots as long as there's a semi-clear path between the barrel and the enemy/hooker's head. People recommend the Typhoon for those annoying boss battles but this weapon easily outclasses that and makes the aiming assist augs worhtless. Too bad you won't have it in time for the first boss.

You'll acquire many more Praxis Points along the way giving you plenty of room to experiment with the Augs I didn't list but these are the ones you should prioritize. The cloaking aug is a very tempting purchase but it's not as useful as you'd hope. It drains battery power extremely fast, even fully upgraded, and is useless without the silent moving. And since most areas are designed with a way to sneak around, it only becomes useful when you're feeling too lazy to climb through a vent. The smart vision was a hard choice not to put on this list but it's not as addictive as Batman's detective mode and you'll be fine with the radar alone. The social enhancer makes speech challenges easy but takes the fun out of them and you can just save and reload if you accidentally fail one.

Thus concludes our augmentations guide. Good luck and happy take-downs! If this guide helped or if you've got alternate strategies, fart in a jar and fedex it to me because I'm done begging you guys to leave comments to boost my self esteem. And while I'm on the topic of making google bait articles:


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