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Two Deus Ex Friday features in a row? Are we getting stale? Does it matter? Judge for yourself, dear reader - this Friday we've got another Casting Call, and this time, we're taking a look at the heavy hitters of Human Revolution. Does Hollywood have non-augmented humans capable of representing the gold-and-grey world of the future?

Adam Jensen - Eric Bana

This was a tricky one. Without trying to turn it into a joke, it's hard to come up with an action star that's not wholly outrageous or already too mainstream to pick for a role like this. It's an easy pitfall to go "Oh, Christian Bale," or "Hey, Robert Downey Jr!" But Eric Bana could bulk up and play the role pretty convincingly, I think... so long as his pockets are crammed fall of candy bars to keep his energy levels up. Acting's hard work, augs or no augs!

Megan Reed - Marcellus Wallace's briefcase from Pulp Fiction

If Jensen's going to spend the whole movie chasing after something without a personality attached to it, then there's no reason to blow the budget on a high-profile actress! I just saved us enough money for a fun mixer after the premiere! Everyone should still chip in $5, just in case.

Francis Pritchard - Sam Rockwell

Mr Rockwell has a talent for shining in a role no matter how big or small it is. I'd really like to test the bounds of that by never having him actually appear on-screen - only existing within the film as a voice in Jensen's head that the audience is privy to.

David Sarif - CLU

Sarif gave me a Jeff Daniels vibe throughout the entire Human Revolution experience. Then I realized I was thinking about Jeff Bridges, not Jeff Daniels, which is marginally more confusing than the Bill Paxton/Pullman screw ups. Obviously, I couldn't talk to Mr Bridges after a mistake like that, so I'm forced to settle for his CGI counterpart, CLU, who I happen to know has been out of work for many cycles now.

Barrett - Barrett Wallace

Did you know that the first boss in the game is named Barrett? Square-Enix keeps this a closely guarded secret, likely because they're trying to hide the fact that they're completely reusing a character from one of their previous titles: 2006's Dirge of Cerberus. Nice try, Square-Enix.

Eliza Cassan - Ron Burgandy

If I have to listen to the news in the movie as much as I did in the game, then I want to laugh once in a while. The news of the future is pretty depressing.

Faridah Malik - That chick from V on ABC that I don't watch

Also known by her stage name, Michael Cera.

Letitia - Wanda Sykes

In my vision for the film, Letitia would be in every scene, even if she's just rummaging in the garbage in the background. Sarif's office. Boss fights. Infiltrations. You only didn't ask for this because, until now, you didn't realize that you wanted it.

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