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VIDEO: A favor for the wife

I've got good news and I've got bad news for you guys. The good news is, we've got a new video for the site! The bad news is it has absolutely nothing to do with video games. But don't fret, we plan on bringing you more soon, right after I collect my millions of dollars for this one:

If you want the backstory on this, click the jump...

In case you didn't figure it out, this was a morning announcements ad aimed at high school students. My wife, who's in charge of Mu Alpha Theta (the math club) asked me to make a video for them advertising their free services. Free wedgie removals are not included.

Since I just bought a fancy pants new Canon 7D, I agreed to do the video. It would give me an opportunity to test it out as well as the indislider rail system I got for it. If you're a small time filmmaker, I can't stress enough how awesome the Indislider is. It's cheap, portable, and gives you awesome "dolly" shots as seen at the :10 and 1:09 marks. ( I also used the "old faithful" wheelchair dolly from the NARC video for the 360 spinning shots.

I can't say I was completely comfortable with having a high school kid handcuffed in my garage, screaming in pain but we managed to get everything shot for this in under 2 hours. I also got it edited in about 3 days so this might go down as one of the quickest turnarounds for me.

Yes I'm aware that it's an obvious and overdone gag. I actually had it play out differently in my head when I was first conceptualizing it. Originally, Jigsaw and the kid were to have this exchange:

Unfortunately, that was just a little too convoluted and the video was long enough as it is so I passed and went the Bieber route instead. In the end I'm happy with how everything turned out.

I work in reality TV as an editor and unfortunately, the job has become a little routine which is always dangerous in a career that's constantly evolving technically. After making this video, I ended up learning more than I anticipated. I can see the potential and the weaknesses of the 7d, I improved my color correction skills, I now have a recipe for modulating Jigsaw's voice, and I even got a little bit of After Effects refreshing. I feel like I've learned more on this than the last 2 network TV shows I did.

I also learned that high school kids are much better marketers than I am. I uploaded this video on Friday and my wife sent the link to just one student. We didn't tell anyone else and within 24 hours, the video got 300 hits, a Reddit post and 4 tumblr embeds. All from one student. I'm not bragging that this video has gone viral and I'm gonna quit my job but it's at around 450 views now and 450 in NODJ traffic is like... 7 billion in normal people math.

Now let's just hope the students don't find out their teacher is married to a guy who wears a cape and calls himself Abortion Fist.

Abortion Fist

P.S. - If you're really upset that this is not video game related I have this for you. It's the best video of Battlefield 3 I've seen so far and shows off the majesty of flying jets:

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Robojox on :

*Well done! I knew you were going to put that 7d to good use. I know SLR videography has it's hurdles.
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