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RANT: NODJ Comment Spam

We at NODJ are grateful for each and every one of our readers, and we eagerly pour over any piece of feedback that we receive - positive or negative, constructive or critical. Simply that you acknowledge the ongoing existence of our little laughshack here makes every message, every comment, every ThumbsUp an absolute treasure.

But this weekend I got some utterly bewildering comments on some of my articles. They seemed complimentary, thoughtful, and somewhat relevant to the subject matter of the article. But they were also.... off. Disjointed. Cobbled together by a mind that wasn't quite all there.

They're spambot comments, absolutely - I could tell that from the rapid succession with which they all appeared on the site, waiting for my administrative approval. But what's most bizarre about them is that the script that generated them appears to have trolled (the fishing kind of trolling) the Internet for relevant comments about the subject matter of each article and created a mash-up medley comment that it then used to post. What results is an unsettling combination of logical and random. It's as though Michael Bay's incarnation of Bumblebee suffers from the same deficiency at typing as he does regular speech - and inexplicably reads our website.

While the "endgame" for spammers like this is uncertain - how is it that they thought these comments would sneak through the filter? are they getting adaptively more intelligent? - some of the comments are truly bizarre. Bizarre enough that I thought I would share some of the best ones with you today.

This was one of the first ones that I got, on my LA Noire Game Review. I wasn't quite sure that it was spam yet, given the surprisingly relevant nature of the content:

oh that's the guy from MAD MEN . I like the era in which the game is set, so might enjoy playing it as I am a tnggsaer fan. The graphics didn't look too bad to me, but like movie CGI the aim is to look like real life and it isn't quite there yet

Here's another early one, this one from the review of Warhammer 40k Space Marine. Again, not totally spammy - it seems as though someone who can't type is just complaining about a facet of the multiplayer mode.

The sniper rielfs are a bit too strong , i agree but there are ways to counter them.I just wish not 90%of every lobby would use them :/

This comment on World of Warcraft and Addiction could very well be a copy and paste from some other gaming blog! Twitter might be a suitable avenue to start generating a larger readership... who thought you could learn so much from a mere machine? (Imagine "machine" is said with lots of spite, like Morpheus in Reloaded.)

Hey, That was a good article, eeyojnd reading it and now I have officially seen your blog after months of following on twitter ( We are Very busy ) I liked the comparison you made with lego universe vs EVE online its clearly night and day for most gamers there and I can personally relate to most of the article.Thanks for the read!Justin @ejeet on twitter

The The Uncharted 3 Drinking Game got a comment that sounds like it's a complete lift from someone's comment on an Uncharted 1 review somewhere. Unfortunately, this comment has spoilers for Uncharted 1. Read at your peril - if you don't want spoilers, jump past the blockquote to my next paragraph!

That's too bad, I thought the zmiobes added a good twist to the game. It added some interesting dynamics near the end where the enemies seem torn between attacking the zmiobes versus attacking Drake.I haven't been able to begin playing UC2 yet, but I'll definitely look out for that scene!

If you can't stomach having the zombies in Uncharted 1 spoiled for you, then here's an alternate spamquote for you. This one is someone more tech-minded, and apparently also full of vitriol:

You can't magicaly gerneate proper 60 frames from 30fps video without visible artifacts. Framerate Upscallers DOES NOT work that way.Check Eurogamer article about tech used in Star Wars Force Unleashed game for 60fps and minimalising artefacts with videos that show what and how (recommended!) etc.The IGN can't make PROPER 60fps from 30fps, saying that they can is the same uninformed bull like those enchance! pictures in CSI, reed a book in 240 360 picture. Full LOL.(Also the video on EG is directly from ND, not from IGN )The dev after geting caught with a hand in cookie jar isA) lyingB) doesn't know sh1tc) is making half-truth statements ( the video used assets from PS3 so it is PS3! , PS3 rendered it frame by frame from replay like some kind of fotomode so it is from PS3! )Nowhere the 60fps claim is directly mentioned or contested by him.Otherwise you can MAKE article on front page: UNCHARTED 3 60FPS CONFIRMED!11one11! See how fast they will correct you then VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 3 votes)

This mournful note on Top 10 Reasons to Support SOPA seems to be a pretty legitimate gripe someone's got! I feel bad for whatever human is being misrepresented here.

how about being nudged at 2am in the onmnirg with your speakers fully on? These so called emoticons have served their purpose well in live msg-er, to make someone all EMOTIONAL. Apparently this is a trend well adopted by the massive, I have switched to gaim(pidgin) a long time ago, which smileys/emoticons can be completely turned off. A better solution, instead of educating your friends what internet communication is supposed to be.

I got another comment this very morning on the SOPA list, somehow responding with the previous comment! They're adapting!

lol i understand elaeciplsy when they are typing words and emoticon replaced their words because some people are lazy to edit or modify it. its just so annoying.

This one's from My Love/Hate Relationship with Mortal Kombat. I'm sorta stunned.

Thanks for your feedback Ryan and yes, you are ablelutosy right regarding the scenarios you stated. While MK does have this experience issue, it's not the only game that does. I spoke with Bryce Johnson and asked him to convey to the game makers about some things I don't like about the game. One thing I mentioned was that I think the font is all wrong and it's definitely too small to read in many cases; and yes I believe this takes away from the experience as I miss some online challengers, while trying to read stats or game messages that are just not readable. I believe if MK (and many other games out there) would improve these little things which are really not so little their rating of 85% approval rating might be a little higher.I also don't like the unmoderated rooms and deceptive cheats allowed online, but again, like many other games, this is something we'll have to wait and see if they'll change.

What can I say? He makes a good point. For a machine. (Spittle goes everywhere.)

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