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RANT: GDC 2012

With GDC 2012 wrapping up this week, I'd like to take a bit of time to go over some of the news that came out of the convention: Assassins Creed Native America. Ok done. Compared to some GDCs of yesteryear this one came and went without much of well, anything really. The thing I heard the most talk about was uproar over DLC for games that are already out. But to be honest I guess this is about as much news media as we should be getting out of a conference for game developers. In fact this years pretty underwhelming GDC might be a good sign for the industry.

That's a tumbleweed. Meet me halfway and imagine the crickets.

GDC is a time for industry professionals to meet up, learn from each other, get inside scoops on new technology, and hopefully make some business connections. While I love seeing the big unveils, new trailers, and awesome demos as much as the next guy, I also appreciate that any demo, video, or trailer takes time and money to prepare. That time that can probably be better spent finishing or improving a game. I am guessing this year's E3 will be the place for the spectacle and I'm ok with that. I do miss the keynote addresses from the big three, but again they are all probably better off saving the big reveals for E3, while quietly getting developer feedback at GDC. So in the spirit of lowered expectations let's look at some of the news.

Assassins Creed 3

Well I'm not a huge fan of this series. I did play part 2 to exhaustion after it was recommended to me so highly, but never really enjoyed the thing. So it looks like we're gonna be doing some freedom-fighting murdering, colonial style! Between this and Bioshock Infinite we're gonna be pumped full of America this year. Never a bad thing!

Battlefield 3 DLC

Three more DLC packs for BF3? Yes please. Assuming they are of the same quality as Back to Karkand. I'm not too excited about cramming the BF3 experience into a tiny close quarters COD type run-and-gun map pack, but hopefully there will be new guns and assignments that will make it worth it. As for the other two DLC packs, color me excited.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

I was wondering if this would get a sequel. Wonder no more. I'm not sure where this franchise is trying to go, but after the last games cowardly renaming of team "taliban", I can't see EA trying to do anything risky with it. So without a new angle I really don't see what Frostbite 2 will add to yet another modern military FPS that would make me want to play it. Just for clarification, I am not down on military FPS, I just don't need a SP only Battlefield clone.


Love em or hate em, at least Quantic Dreams refuse to accept that the uncanny valley is a thing. This little video was actually pretty well done, although I kept hearing the tinge of "foreign" sneaking into the voice actors lines. Serious guys, it's not totally unbelievable if a scientist has a French, Swedish, or Dutch accent. Just roll with it. PLEASE don't get all your French friends to do their best American accent, it's like doing "blackface" but on our ears.

Resident evil trailer

This is getting so far away from the source that I don't even know if it can qualify as game related. Sit through the entire trailer and see the most successful video game movie franchise EVER! Now weep.

Well that about wraps it up. Until next years GDC NODJers. Also, do NOT pay money to see the Resident Evil movie. If you HAVE to watch it, buy a ticket to Snow Dogs 3, get back into your car, and drive into a wall.

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