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RANT: Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is officially my most anticipated game of the year. At least of games that have a definite release date in 2012. Every nugget of hype that Rockstar releases just keeps building the excitement and as a long standing fan of the franchise, it's a pre-order/day one buy for me.

*Not official Rockstar Marketing*

There are lots of legitimate things to complain about with Rockstar games and Murdernator would be happy to give a detailed list. But the bullet point summary is that their graphics are usually sub-par, the controls are shitty, and Nolan North doesn't do any voice work for it. Or maybe that's a good thing. But one thing I think few can argue with is that Rockstar knows how to cut badass promotional videos.

I'd say their trailers are damn near perfect. They're flashy but not cliche. They give you bits and pieces of story and dialogue to set the mood and setting of the game but don't give away too much explanation. You're left with a feel for the atmosphere with little knowledge of what's really going to happen. They also do a great job of balancing story cutscenes with gameplay footage all to the beat of awesome music you've never heard before. And Max Payne 3 follows these traditions down to a tee.

On top of that, they release the most entertaining and informative development diaries of any company. They showcase all the cool features to expect minus the boring interviews with the dev team and their silly European accents. I'm not gonna make an overblown post filled with youtubes, you can go straight to Rockstar's site to watch all of them but you can check out my favorite one below for Max Payne 3.

Max Payne 3 is shaping up to be a great sequel. It's got enough nostalgia and throw back to the original games but a ton of new ways to present them. And the one thing I love about all Rockstar games these days is how mature their games seem. It's funny saying that considering these guys made Grand Theft Auto with all their not subtle innuendo and pioneering prostitute killing. But comparing the voice acting, the atmosphere, and the action, it puts games like Deus Ex and Modern Warfare to shame when it comes to narrative.

But I'll also say I'm in no way excited about Max Payne 3's multiplayer, which hasn't been explained at all yet. I've seen games like Stranglehold try to pull this off and it doesn't work. Bullettime just doesn't belong in online multiplayer. But maybe they'll surprise me.

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