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Digital Short: NARC - The Movie - The Trailer

Our second successful video project has been finished and uploaded to youtube.
We created this video for a contest G4 was holding. The goal was to choose a game we felt needed a big screen adaptation, and then make a fake trailer for it. The rules were it had to be 2 minutes or less and we couldn't choose a game that's already been made into a movie (i.e. Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Doom etc.).

We chose the 1988 Arcade game NARC.
Narc Title Screen

This was a side scrolling action game made in the height of the "Say No To Drugs" era. Back then everything aimed at kids had an anti-drugs spinoff, whether it was GI JOE joining forces with Cobra to fight drug lords or Captain Planet putting Linka through rehab. NARC joined the bandwagon... to the EXTREME! Playing as either Blue Narc "MAX FORCE" or Red Narc "HIT MAN", you take to the streets gunning and running down anything that moves, because everyone in this city is a drug dealer (except for the "innocent" prostitutes). Seriously, I just gunned down 92 dope dealers on the first level alone. Sporting a Porsche 911 convertible, motorcycle helmets, tight jeans, and what appears to be life preservers, these two "Narcotics Officers" bring justice to the streets with an automatic rifle in one hand and a ROCKET LAUNCHER in the other. The game pits you against trenchcoat junkies, syringe throwing lab cooks, Hulk-like PCP addicts, weed-growing Rambo hippies, TNT wielding Pimps, and I kid you not, rapist clowns. Of course you can bust some of the perps for more points rather than killing them, but I like to think I'm giving the tax payers a break by just shooting them.
By The Books
Police Narcotics Work Doesn't Get Much More Subtle Than This

I decided to turn this game into a movie but take it in a slightly different direction. I wanted to make a gritty, dead serious cop drama about 2 under cover "narcs"... who wear stupid blue and red motorcycle helmets on the job. The rest wrote itself. Here is some trivia about our short:

-I drew a lot of inspiration from the trailers for Miami Vice, The Departed, Bad Boys, and of course the unrelated movie Narc. Watch those trailers and you'll see the comparisons easily.
-The budget for the whole thing came out between $200 and $300, making this video cost over $100 a minute. The most expensive part of course, were the helmets and life jackets which we had to order (and hope to return for a refund). There's no cash prize for winning the G4 contest so we more or less made this for pride.
-After I made the Ace of Spades video for the Pepsi/Rock Band contest, I learned that I suck at lighting so I chose to shoot most of this in daylight.
-The most popular scene appears to be the shower scene, which was also one of the easiest scenes to shoot.
-The 360 shots were done using a wheelchair, a trick learned from Robert Rodriguez.
-The helicopter footage of Miami was legally obtained from my employer, Pink Sneakers Productions. They make Brooke Knows Best and Miami Social.
-We shot everything in and around Orlando.
-The music is royalty free and comes with Final Cut Studio. I'm sure all you editors out there were rolling your eyes when you heard it. I'm making a jerk-off gesture in your direction as well.
-Shot using a Sony Z1U.
-The cop in uniform in the opening crime scene is a real life cop and father of the Red Narc.
-All the police badges were bought at a Halloween store and say "Party Super Police" on them.
-The pants the Narcs wear are women's pants. We chose their color based on who could fit into which pair.
-The most difficult aspect of this short was finding actors and coordinating their schedules. There were 20 people total.
-I made a facebook post asking if anyone owned a red convertible (preferably a Porsche). No one responded so we used the Lancer Evolution instead.
-It took 6 days of sporadic shooting and about 3 days of editing (off and on).

Abortion Fist
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