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Digital Short: NODJ Salutes MW2

Anyone who's played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 online knows that it's digital crack. But why is that? Simple. Crack gives you instant gratification, and so does MW2. TO THE EXTREME!

Infinity Ward have fine tuned the constant player rewards model to masturbatory levels. The ratio of time played vs. satisfaction is 1 to 1 in this game. You literally cannot fail at succeeding. Get no kills? There's a medal for that. Run around? Challenge complete. Blow up a stationary car? Challenge complete. If you actually KILL someone! OH you better BELIEVE there's a reward for that! Not just one either. We're talking strings of bonuses, challenges, and random other extra XP that makes this online experience one of the most coddling games out there.

Me, I love the game. I literally played it for 12 hours straight. If it wasn't for the constant positive affirmation I probably would have put the controller down long before. In fact the only reason I stopped was because I hit level 70 and was faced with the choice of Prestige, and the promise of all that great feel-goodery spooned to me all over again. I see nothing wrong with this model. It is the antithesis of a game like Counterstrike in which your novice player will experience the THRILL of a kill perhaps ONCE in their first hour of play...IF they're lucky. We are more and more a generation of people obsessed with instant result, instant feedback, instant everything (think IPhone, liposuction, and statutory rape), and in this period of declining patience and attention spans, MW2 is king.

If you've played MW2 online this video will make perfect sense. If you haven't played MW2 I'd recommend it. No matter how good you feel about yourself now, you'll feel better afterward... Unless you camp a corner with a LMG and Heartbeat which case, eat a bag of dicks.

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