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RANT: Back to the Future, Pt 2

In keeping with the theme for this week, here's the games of modern-day that I feel would've melted the brain of my child-self. There's not much else in terms of premise, so here's a Photoshopped image.

2007's Lair

Young Brendan loved dragons (as does the adult version, for that matter.) While many dragon-related video games have graced the screen before, Lair was the first console title dedicated to the idea of dragons looking amazing, acting like badasses, and destroying everything around them. Regardless of the fact that it wound up being a universally-panned piece of trash when it actually launched, this is the kind of material that kiddo Brendan would've really liked to have seen back when he still had the patience to deal with bullshit controls and horrendous framerate for the sake of gigantic reptilian carnage.

Speaking of Carnage...

2009's Prototype

Spider-Man was my all-time favorite super hero, when I was growing up, and I was an unabashed fan of the symbiote-related mayhem that revolved around his universe at the time of my fandom. Drooly-tongues Venom, of course, is the most famous of all the spider-foes, but his progney Carnage is a well-beloved second. While Venom was eventually elevated from deranged villain to the status of anti-hero vigilante, Carnage represented chaotic evil in its most inherent form. A serial killer without conscience or remorse, Carnage is noteworthy for wearing an intelligent alien "suit" which comprises his black-and-red uniform that was created on Earth, which gives it an uncommonly powerful range of powers, including the ability to mold itself into gigantic tentacles, razor-sharp weaponry, or anything else Carnage can think of to wreck havoc. While Prototype isn't a 1 for 1 match to the Carnage symbiote experience, it's about 99% of the way there. While Spider-Man and even Venom have been playable in open-world scenarios, Prototype is as close as the games world has come to a game starring Carnage for Carnage's sake, and it does a damn fine job of it.

2009's Final Fantasy: Dissidia

Final Fantasy was my bread and butter video game series, and even back then, there were rumors of crossover potential (usually in the form of items you could equip on certain characters that would transform them into characters from past titles.) But never did I imagine that Square would actually deliver a crossover title that features all of the heroes and villains from the series in one outing. And what better genre to feature them in - a fighting game! It makes perfect sense! It even looks like what you'd imagine a Final Fantasy fighter would look like - the 3D dance choreography from Advent Children, not the timid sidesteps of your usual fighter. Unfortunately, the actual game is nearly entirely spent either in menus or fighting against digital constructs on the grid before you actually get to the fun of watching cinematics or fighting your rivals. But still, the concept is one that I'd never dared to hope would come to pass, simply because - on paper - it sounds too good to be true.

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