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RANT: I'm stoked about the New Deus Ex

I'm one of the unfortunate few that never played the original Deus Ex. After watching the recent TGS trailer for the prequel, I question my right to live amongst my fellow gamers.

I remember when the first Deus Ex came out. I tried to download a demo of it but my PC couldn't handle it so I wrote it off. It would later be named one of the greatest PC games ever made. I always pronounced it Deuce Ex. I only recently found out it's actually pronounced like Day-Us Ex.

Sadly, I can't go back to the first. It's available to buy on Steam for $6 but I'm rolling on an Intel-Mac now with no options to revisit it. I think it's too late anyways since I watched some youtubes of it in action. I don't think I could tolerate the graphics and stop motion facial animations. I did, however, read the entire wikipedia on the franchise and I know I would've loved it, considering I loved Fallout 3 and their essentially the same type of game.

The trailer for the new one looks fucking amazing to me and instantly shot to the top of my most wanted games list. You'll notice I posted the video with Japanese voices instead of the English version. I don't know why, those Japs VO's just sound so much cooler and angrier. The English actor just sounds like a cheesy Christian Bale from Terminator Salvation.

I also find it funny the game takes place in 2027 which isn't THAT much farther in the future. Considering we're all probably going to live to see that year, I'm gonna be pissed if I don't have cybernetic arms, flying mechs and totally rad to the max, 90's-style, Oakley sunglasses permanently implanted in my face.

It kind of reminds me of the 1993 movie Demolition Man and how it gave us a scary look at the future of Los Angeles... IN THE DISTANT YEAR 1996!

but I digress... I'm excited for the game.

Abortion Fist

It's a real drag that I learned the true pronunciation of the title. I already had my review headline written if the game turned out shitty: "Deus Ex...? More Like... (*puts on cybernetic oakley sunglasses*) DOUCHE EX! YEEEAAHHHH!!!!"
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Dennis on :

*I think wesley snipes said it best in this clip.
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McBallsenstein on :

*Blade Runner called.

It wants to know why that trailer for a game showed no gameplay.
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Abortion Fist on :

*Valid complaint Mr. Balls. I forgot to post the link to gameplay footage:
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